As of July 25th, automated parking lot gates/controls have been installed on the upper level/roof deck of the Flushing Commons lot and parking rates have been adjusted; (however, please note that attendant parking will continue to be available on the roof.)  Rates for the first four hours of parking are now the same at-grade and on the roof ($3 for 1 hour, $4 for 2 hours, $5 for 3 hours and $7 for 4 hours), with longer-term parking rates on the roof lower than at-grade spaces.  Long-term roof rates are now $8 for up to 7 hours, $10 for 8 hours and $12 for 12 hours.   A limited number of monthly permits will also be available. Interested customers should call customer service at (800) 836-6666 [ext. 3] for more information.


法拉盛商場 停車場頂層相關信息及費用更新

法拉盛商場停車場頂層已於7月25日安裝出入口自動門,且停車費用有所調整(頂層待客泊車服務照舊)。底層和頂層前四小時的短期停車費用調整至相同數額(一小時$3, 兩小時$4,三小時$5,四小時$7),但頂層中長期泊車費用將低於底層。頂層中長期泊車費用如下:七小時$8,八小時$10,十二小時$12。頂層還將出售月度停車證,數量有限,有興趣購買的客戶請撥打(800) 836-6666 [ext. 3].


주차장 업데이트: 플러싱 커먼스 주차장 이용가격과  2 주차 관련 정보  

7 월 25 일 자, 플러싱 커먼스 2층 주차장에 차량차단기가 설치되었고 이용가격 또한 변경되었습니다 (2층주차장 발렛파킹은 계속 운영됩니다). 4시간까지 1층과 2층의 주차요금은 동일하지만 (1 시간: $3 , 2 시간: $4 , 3 시간: $5 , 4 시간: $7) 장기주차요금은 2층이 더 저렴합니다. 2층 장기주차요금은  7 시간: $8, 8 시간: $10 , 12 시간: $12 입니다. 한달치 주차패스는 한정된 수에 한해 판매됩니다. (800) 836-6666  [내선번호 3]  에서 더 많은 정보를 얻을 수 있습니다.


Elected officials, stakeholders and community celebrate groundbreaking at the site of the new Flushing Commons mixed use development

Flushing, NY – Local elected officials and community stakeholders joined together today with the developers of the highly anticipated Flushing Commons project to officially break ground on a development that is set to transform downtown Flushing. The $1 billion development will include a dynamic mix of residential housing, commercial and retail space, as well as community facilities and a 1,600 space public parking facility.  The privately financed project is located at the site of the former Municipal parking lot.

Flushing Commons is expected to generate 2,600 union construction jobs and 1,900 permanent jobs. Phase 1 is comprised of approximately 219,000 square feet of office and retail space, 150 units of housing and a 982 space parking garage. In response to community input, and as a central component of the phasing plan, 1,144 parking spaces will be maintained on-site at Flushing Commons throughout construction. Phase 1 is expected to be completed by 2017.

Flushing Commons, LLC is a partnership of F&T Group, The Rockefeller Group and AECOM Capital, along with financial partner Mount Kellett Capital Management LP.  Financing is provided by Starwood Property Trust. Construction is being managed by Tishman Construction, an AECOM company.